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In Woodson's defense in the Cardinals game, Larry Fitz pretty much ran him over to catch 2 or 3 of those balls. Clearly offensive PI that wasn't called.

It was called on Randy Moss in the game against the Ravens. Should have been called on Fitz as well...

Randy Moss didn't have the ball thrown to him on that penalty. I was surprised it was called.

I can give Woodsen the benefit on 1 TD but if it isn't called the first time around adjust. I think Woodsen is good but this year Revis was out of his mind. Woodsen's team was gouged for so many yards I don't see how he got it.
Revis held the following receiver to less than 35 yards each in their matchups this year: Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Chad Johnson, Reggie Wayne and there's a couple others that I can't think of right now.

That's outstanding defending.