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Thread: NFL response to non-facemask penalty call last night

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    Re: NFL response to non-facemask penalty call last night

    Quote Originally Posted by Jooser
    You can bet your sweet arse that Marcia Brady would've drawn a flag!
    ^ $$$

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    Re: NFL response to non-facemask penalty call last night

    Quote Originally Posted by SanAntonioSteelerFan
    Quote Originally Posted by stlrz d
    Quote Originally Posted by proudpittsburgher
    At the very worst for GB, arizona gets the ball, but a 15 yard penalty from the spot of the recovery. At least Green Bay has a chance to do something about it, albeit an unlikely chance, btu a chance nonetheless. That whole, "didn't grasp or pull the facemask down" crap is just that, crap. That's why they got rid of the five yard penalty. Any contact with the facemask is a penalty.
    Actually that's not true. They got rid of the 5 yard penalty because it was too subjective. Now they are all 15 yards, but there must be a "grasp, pull and/or twist" to draw the flag.

    So how about that horse collar penalty that was called on AZ when the Packers player wasn't actually pulled down by the collar? That gave the Packers another 15 yards and I believe they ended up scoring on that drive, thanks in part to that extra 15 yards.

    Where's the outrage?

    Like I said, leave the whining and crying about officiating to the Ravens's their niche...and their Nietzsche.

    (Nietzsche questioned the value of objectivity and truth) :P
    Did he really? Yikes, so how does he propose getting through life without a valid values system ('cause it doesn't help to have one if you can't use it as a metric, does it?). Oh well, I guess I'll just be a Steeler fan and forget about it.

    BTW, d, that was one of the best lines I've read in this forum or elsewhere - Ravens fans with their absence of objectivity ... have their Niche .. in Nietzsche... Can you work Ray Nietchscke into that somehow
    Thanks man. I know it sounds dumb but I was pretty proud of myself for making that connection.

    As for Ray Nitshcke, the only thing I really recall of him is commercials he used to do for the Oldsmobile dealership in Green Bay. He would be standing next to the front driver side fender and growl the line, "I like the front wheel drive" while "picking up" the front of the car by said fender.

    Not sure how to relate that to Ravens fans other than maybe they should all be run over by an Oldsmobile driven by the corpse of Ray Nitschke?


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