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Thread: Sweed vs. Braylon Edwards

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    Re: Sweed vs. Braylon Edwards

    I would like to see Sweed get more chances to catch the ball. It is really a shame he has to be judged so harshly on 2 or 3 dropped balls. How many times has he been thrown to, maybe 5 or 6 times in real games. I remember Desean Jackson dropping some clutch passes early on, but philly never gave up on him. Ive seen the best of the best receivers drop some clutch passes. The last thing I want to see is this kid get run out of town, then get picked up by another team who instills some confidence in him, and he blossoms into the receiver we all believed he could be. I believe this kid has got the talent, he just needs a breakout game to get him some confidence. The coaches need to gameplan around this kid in a preseason game or two to help him gain some confidence, and see if he can catch the ball or not.

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    Re: Sweed vs. Braylon Edwards

    Personally, I think Sweed contracted the H1N1 virus and the Steelers put him on the reserve list to keep him away from the team and avoid media hoopla.
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+# up and wear it.

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    Re: Sweed vs. Braylon Edwards

    There are plenty of differences between Limas Sweed and Braying Edwards.

    Sweed is a young receiver who needs a confidence injection, both on and off the field. He has talent. But he's squandered the few opportunities he's had to prove himself and has had teammates move past him in terms of development. IMO, Sweed and the Steelers need each other and the fans need this guy to succeed as well, as it will improve the team when he is fully involved with the offense. Sweed is a nice young man, according to much of what I've read about him.

    Edwards is a young receiver who has no shortage of confidence, both on and off the field. He has largely realized his talent and has emerged as a star in the NFL. Sure, he has made mistakes. But he is still a go-to guy. Edwards has said that he wasn't "feeling it" in Cleveland, and would probably say the same at some point in New York if things go sour. The fans in New York and Cleveland would, and will, care about him so long as he produces. Edwards is a Grade A @$$HOLE, according to much of what I've read about him.
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    Re: Sweed vs. Braylon Edwards

    From my understanding...Sweed has been a work horse with a great attitude. However, he seems to be mentally weak...displaying a lack of confidence which ultimately has effected his play.

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    Re: Sweed vs. Braylon Edwards

    I have a lot of confidence in Sweed. The Steelers FO would be foolish to let him go. 2010 will be his breakout season.

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    Re: Sweed vs. Braylon Edwards

    I'm not 100% sure of all the rules "non football injury list" or PUP list...But I don't believe the league would allow simple "depression" as the reason unless it was preceded by a tramatic incident. These status reserves can't be manipulated by the teams for gain. I feel there is more behind the story...And we may or may not ever know. You hear the rumors of Lyme Disease and the joke of "Lymas" disease but we will just have to let it all come out. If it truely is a disease, the Steelers are not obligated to release the info to anyone but the league office. Everything is kept in confidence.

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    Re: Sweed vs. Braylon Edwards

    tu is a stoner's paradise. Beware drafting form there cause they have sooo much talent that none of them need to work hard. And we all know that when you get to the NFL, talent is only half the battle.

    As for BEdwards, I laughed at my Jet friend that was excited about Edwards. He thinks he is the world. I told him, they better draft his replacement now. Once he blew his knee and his moves/speed settled a bit, he pedestrian at best and he'll drop too many important passes to be in a strong role. Once moved aside, he'll meltdown on the sideline and begin to pull apart the team. He already dropped a major TD last weekend that could have cost them. The difference between he and Sweed. Edwards has had a great season and there isn't ANY other competition for Edwards on the Jets. Sweed can't succeed in his 4th WR role and he didn't win a job any higher than that?
    What should we move Wallace down a peg to 'see' if the great and wonderful Sweed can figure it out? How about push a productive Ward aside for him? I'm not sure what everyone wants us to do for him. Hand holding is junior high, not in the NFL. Not For Long is what the NFL stands for.
    He's 6'4" and runs well. There are ALOT of guys that could say that standing on street corners telling stories of woe. Get the job down or move on.
    ssssWEED will be back on 6th street in Austin with pipe in hand, but he won't hide like he did in college.


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