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I agree that we need to play more physical ball. That's why I prefer backs like Mendy and Rice as opposed to Chris Johnson. It's why I believe in building from the trenches out. It's part of the reason I'm not happy with Ariens. It's why I like Ben...big physical QB who is back yard football tough. It's why I believe in playing with a FB. It's why I believe in imposing your will with a ball control offense which sets up the deep ball...and why I believe in a dominant D. We need to get back to Steeler ball. I don't recognize our current team. We are not the Pats, Colts or the Saints.
We will never be those teams... but if you really like Ben then you have to respect his preference regarding the OC and O in general. It's not like Ben is requesting FB's and power running football and Arians is ignoring him.

Ben is running this offense the way he wants to and looking at the last 5 years I think he earned the power he has.. How many guys are left from our first SB win? Not many...

Ben runs this show. For all we know this may be it as far as SB's with Ben.. he may be more interested in putting up stats that get him mentioned in the Brady, Peyton conversations then getting back to the big game. Ask Marino, I know he would trade a few stats for a ring... I could see Ben wanting the stats to go along with his rings. Back yard football was not running up the gut.. it was scrambling for 10 seconds then throwing bombs... Ben loves bombs.