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i disagree

both players stepped up with injuries to starters shocke and LJ smith where their organizations chose to keep them over their more expensive counterparts.

boss and celek both look very athletic and run pretty well. spaeth looks like a pregnant yak running in the open field.
even in his game where he started , all his catches were the short gain variety
This is a retarded comment. Nothing Spaeth has done will back up what you say here at all. Go check out Spaeths numbers in 2008 when Heath went down and Spaeth started for 2 games.

Spaeth would be a great redzone target. It is up to Arians to develop some 2 TE pass plays where both go out and for Ben to throw him the ball. Spaeth is under utilized bigtime.[/quoteywelocd]

i dont have to "check out the stats". i remember the game(s)

maybe you should post them, since it seems you're at the top of his fan club.

the colts game was one he started and that was the game after ben and the offense went to arians and asked for shorter developing routes.

he hit spaeth 6 or 7 times barely 5 yards from the line of scrimmage with quick hitting passes.

i dont know how that makes him a great route runner as you profess.
he's big slower type TE that gets overpowered a lot in the run game.

what do you see thru you're Spaeth goggles[/quoteywelocd]

You're looking through anti-Spaeth goggles. He doesn't get overpowered a lot. That is false. You just want that to be true. It's not. He is a pretty good blocker. He has I think about 15 career receptions in the NFL. So you know, for a fact, from this limited sample, that he has limited offensive ability.

He did a lot from the reception standpoint in college. He just hasn't gotten a lot of chances to show what he can do in the NFL. He doesn't appear to be a great athlete, I don't see that. But you are exaggerating as far as how poor he is. I really think there is more that he can do, but just needs an opening. But there is just no way, another 2ndary TE in this offense would do much, if any more.