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Thread: Jets picked to win SB

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    Re: Jets picked to win SB

    Quote Originally Posted by NJ-STEELER
    the thing i didn't get about this game is how many jets fans (90%) and media members were picking them to win.

    i'm comparing it to the 04 year when we went into INDY. it was hard to find any national media (cept for maybe hoge) that picked us and i know our fans were wary of the colts.

    all around the metro area there was this confidence that the jets would win it. no questions about it

    comparing our 04 run with theirs. we had the better D, the better QB (bens 2nd year) just as good of a run game and just as good a colts team to face. one could say this years colts have won a championship, making them the better team now then in 04.

    But, there weren't many of these "experts" picking the steelers in that game

    i cant get over how cocky the JET fans were
    I heard Jets fans were pretty cocky. I guess Rex rubbed off on those fans.

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    Re: Jets picked to win SB

    Hey, it's the fans job to be cocky!

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!



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