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Thread: Ben not a Red Zone QB

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    Re: Ben not a Red Zone QB

    Quote Originally Posted by NorthCoast
    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz
    When talking redzone and QB you have 10 players to blame and the OC..

    Since we all know we pass all the time most of the blame and praise will go to Ben...

    This year with low numbers he gets the blame... another year if the numbers are up he gets the praise...

    He is the QB..
    Again, these situational stats are average ratings by down over 5 yrs of play! not just this season. There have been two HCs and two OCs in this timeframe. But it has been all Ben at QB.

    OK, I will move on now.

    thanks for listening.....
    That's fine...but there are still far too many other variables.

    That's all I've been sayin'.

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    Re: Ben not a Red Zone QB

    My gut feeling is that Ben has a harder time than other elite QBs (P Manning, Brady*) in knowing where he needs to throw the ball before it is snapped. I think he's just not as smart as those guys in reading where the D is lining up, and what that will mean 1.1 seconds after the snap.

    And that's not as important on your own 20 as in the RZ, IMO, so I agree with the posted subject of this thread. I do expect him to get better at it though!

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!



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