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Thread: tOSU and the Big Ten

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    tOSU and the Big Ten

    tOSU and the Big Ten in general...busting heads again. Oregon was clearly outclassed. As soon as I seen it raining I knew LSU couldn't beat PSU. Even NW took it to OT. Good year for the BT.

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    Re: tOSU and the Big Ten

    Right on, I was very happy with the Big Ten this bowl season.

    I'm ready to see 2010 season start already for Bucks...they've got a great team still. I'm looking for Pryor to make the "Troy Smith" leap into a more efficient passer this year. I think the offense will be a force once the passing game improves as long as Tressel stays out of his own way.

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    yap, I totally agreed with u guyz

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    Yesterday ended up another great day for tOSU and the Big 10...
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    I hope OSU wins it all tonight....i dont think they should have been in the tourny at all so the mayhem is enjoyable to me.

    Plus i lust over Joey Bosa


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