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Thread: Not Enough Desire to Win

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    Not Enough Desire to Win

    Last week, I was roundly criticized by a couple of you when I stated that oftentimes in football, it comes down to which team WANTS to win the most. One of you in particular said that couldn't possibly be the problem. Well, after watching this game tonight, it's obvious that the team that wanted it the most was not the Pittsburgh Steelers, and the team that wanted it the most won.

    I'll say it again...this is a team that is satisfied with last year's SB victory. For the most part, these guys are just picking up paychecks. And I'm including coaches, not just players.

    What a shame. What a waste of a season. If I had bought season tickets, I would feel cheated. Rooneys ought to give at least half of the ticket price back. There are several college teams that would have put up a better fight against the 1-11 Browns than this sorry excuse for a team.

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    Re: Not Enough Desire to Win

    You would think being on the verge of elimination would have sparked some push for this team, but even Kordell Stewart could see it, this was a team with no heart.

    Hope they can bring in a few hungry players and coaches next year.


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