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Thread: Can you name all of the 157 starting QB's in this decade?

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    Re: Can you name all of the 157 starting QB's in this decade?

    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    Quote Originally Posted by SteelCrazy
    Quote Originally Posted by Chadman
    Holy Holey!


    Guess the inner nerd in Chadman is coming out..

    OR....the inner CHEATER!!! I'm a Sore
    When 70% of your NFL intake comes from articles read (based in Australia, Chadman sees less than half the games you guys would see) names tend to lodge in Chadman's memory. Chadman guess' he just has a brain that works that way.

    Strangely, like others have said, Weinke & guys like that were no problem- Testervarde though...nup..
    I missed Weinke....However I got Warren Moon and I believe it was only one game he Played in 2000
    2017 Mock

    1. T.J Watt, OLB/DE, Wisconsin - will be a huge mistake if available and we pass

    2. Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson

    3. Josh Jones, S, N.C. State

    3. Adam Shaheen, TE, Ashland

    4. Trey Hendrickson, DE, Florida Atlantic

    5. Josh Reynolds, WR, Texas A&M

    6. Barry Sanders, RB, Oklahoma State (How can you go wrong with that name, however the sample size is so small that his dad may be better even in his 50's)

    7. Alec Torgersen, QB, Pennsylvania

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    I was searching for another post and came across this one from 2009.

    I had 82 of them after 10 minutes. Then it got tough. I managed to get to 99 but couldn't get that one last name to put me over 100 - I was stuck at 99 for the last minute and a half.

    some guys I had in my head but couldn't come up with their names...JP Losman, Shaun Hill, Chad Hutchinson, Tyler Thigpen, Matt Stafford (can't believe I forgot him after the year he just had), and Ray Lucas

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    I got 108 correct.
    Pittsburgh, PA: City of Champions.


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