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Thread: 56 points now.....

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    Re: 56 points now.....

    Guys - Tomlin can drill them in practice until they fall over, but if they don't execute during the game then it doesn't make one bit of difference. Besides, any of you guys gonna get in James Harrison's face & tell him that he's not trying?
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    Re: 56 points now.....

    Quote Originally Posted by SteelTorch
    That we have given up on turnovers/kicks. Unbelievable.

    On top of that, all the off-season reports of our team having a soft training camp are looking legit. This team has all the hallmarks of one that is ill-prepared and ill-disciplined. This is no way to play in a season and definitely not a way to play when you're trying to win a 7th Superbowl.

    Tomlin has got to do something, because this is downright embarrassing and inexcusable.
    In Tomlins first year there were reports that he was over working the team. Now he doesnt work them hard enough? I dont have the answer, but I know this isn't it.
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