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Things change. We're an up and down team. Beat the Vikings. Lose to the Chiefs.

We need Troy back. We need Ben making better decisions. We need better play calling.

Point being, I would be more surprised if we didn't go farther than one and done than if we do.
Good point.

Winning a championship is hard. It's funny that we 'suck' because we don't win it all every year.
I find it funny how you put words in peoples mouth and question a fans loyalty when they express frustrations when we lose. There is a big difference between 'SUCK' and getting embarrassed. This was an embarrassment and it is a rollover from last week. It is an embarrassment to the players, the coaches, the owners, and us the fans. These are games we should not lose. Nobody expects us to win it all every year, but we should be in contention for the Lombardi every year with the talent we have. The problem is that we are not utilizing the talent we have correctly. Oh and when we do, we stray away from it forgetting how we got there. There is something considerably wrong with this team and if you don't see it then you must be blind. Your "the season isn't over, we'll be better next week" schtick is running out of time.