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Thread: No-huddle is no-brainer

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    No-huddle is no-brainer

    Steelers notes: No-huddle is no-brainer

    By: Mike Bires
    Beaver County Times
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    Saturday November 7, 2009 11:55 PM

    PITTSBURGH _ Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger always likes running plays out of a no-huddle offense as means to provide a spark. And if it’s up to him, the Steelers will use it even more in Denver.

    Because the NFL is known as a copycat league, the Steelers may follow the blueprint provided by Baltimore. Last week in a 30-7 rout of Broncos, Ravens QB Joe Flacco used the no-huddle extensively in the second half.

    “The no-huddle is something Ben likes to do,” wide receiver Hines Ward said. “He’s got a great feel for it, and we've had some success running it.”

    “Yeah, I like when we do it,” Roethlisberger said. “We’ll go into (Denver) with the mentality that we have the no-huddle (in our playbook) and that if we need it, we’ll do it.”

    Offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, too, likes the no-huddle, but only in small doses.

    The no-huddle may stop a defense from changing personnel, but it can also limit what an offense can do.

    “You take away a lot of your play-action game and things you can do with a game plan,” Arians said of the no-huddle. “You basically don't have a game plan.

    "It's a tool you use to change the tempo of the game, but you're limited in your personnel. It's not something we want to do wholesale every game."

    Hit the books

    After practice Saturday, linebacker James Harrison created quite a stir by passing out copies of the recently-released book written about him.
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    "It's a good book," Harrison said of "Never Give Up," a biography which chronicles his rise to NFL stardom.

    The book was co-written by journalist Bill Moushey and Bill Parise, Harrison's agent

    "Hey, James," cornerback Deshea Townsend yelled in the direction of Harrison's locker room stall. "If you would have handed off to me, this would have been my book."

    Townsend was referring to Harrison's 100-yard touchdown return of an interception in Super Bowl XLIII.

    Townsend was one of the Steeler defenders who blocked for Harrison during his record-setting return in the 27-23 win over Arizona.

    Injury news

    -- After they missed practice again Saturday, LB Lawrence Timmons and DL Travis Kirschke were listed as doubtful for Monday night's game against the Broncos. But Timmons and Kirschke both said Saturday they should be listed as out. They have not practiced at all this week, and they will not play in Denver.

    -- With Timmons out, LB Keyaron Fox will make his third start of the season. Fox started the first two games of the season when Timmons was out with a high ankle sprain.

    -- DL Nick Eason, who will make only the fourth start of his seven-year career, will replace Kirschke, who had started the past two games after DL Aaron Smith suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.

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    Re: No-huddle is no-brainer

    Problem is do we want our offense doing quick strikes or do we want them to eat up the clock to protect a defense with three starters potentially out.


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