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Thread: Jeff Reed....WTF?

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    Re: Jeff Reed....WTF?

    It is not missing the tackle that has us miffed, but the effort, or should I say lack of effort, he put forth to slow Harvin down.

    This is a guy that: A) wants to wrestle friends on a night out B) beats up public bathrooms C) known as the psycho kicker D) argues with local police E) acts like an idiot in general (whether it be at the white house, super bowl parade, etc. F) has anger management issues

    ...but then pusses out of putting himself in the way or trying to make a play on Harvin during the return. It just doesn't make sense.

    I think he is a good kicker for our team, but his actions this year, on and off the field, is not something I would expect from someone looking for a contract extension.
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    Re: Jeff Reed....WTF?

    Quote Originally Posted by fezziwig
    I don't think many believe that kickers are a dime a dozen and Reed is expendable. I think a lot of folks are taken back by some of his, doesn't seem to learn attitude.
    He is too old to be acting this way. My buddy was out with a bunch of people a couple of years ago and Reed was in the crowd with them. Reed was a friend to someone else in the group. Not saying it's gospel to you guys but, my friend wouldn't BS me either. Reed was out of hand all night he said. He wanted to challenge everyone to wrestling, slap boxing I think he said and pretty much trying to be the alpha dog the entire night. He said Reed continued to aggetate one of the guys, by pushing him and jumping on his back trying to get him to wrestle around. The guys back got hurt, pretty much everyone was uncomfortable around him and they ended the evening early because Reed was a tool.

    I heard this stuff long before the paper towel incident. I have tons of respect for him as a field goal kicker, not to much for him as a mature person. I lost respect for him when I seen the team photo with the 2005 Super Bowl team at the White House. Reed couldn't even curb his *******ism during the photo that was taken.
    this reminds me of the time me and my buddy got in a fight with a couple UF football players. one of them was Tony Joiner. Joiner was way out of control and tried to sucker punch my buddy so i tackled his ass and punched him a few times. he got even further out of control. the only part the rest of the world heard about though was the fact that he tried to break into a tow truck service to get his gf's car out. i totally screwed my ankle up that night and it's been bad ever since. he's a strong dude, but a total douche.

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    Re: Jeff Reed....WTF?

    Final Ruthless Mock:
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    7.239 RB John Crockett, 6'0" 217 lbs., North Dakota State

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    Re: Jeff Reed....WTF?

    I really wish Sepulveda could kick off. He would have made the tackle.
    Even if Bill Belichick was getting an atomic wedgie, his face would look exactly the same.


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