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Thread: Silverback: even better then last year?

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    Silverback: even better then last year?

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    Steelers LB James Harrison is locked in: Last year's defensive player of the year, LB James Harrison, might even be better in 2009 than when he won the award. Detroit LT Jeff Backus was completely overmatched against Harrison, who is unbelievably powerful in both his upper and lower body and plays with as much passion for the game as anyone in the league today. He can stun his blocker with excellent hand usage and has developed into a very well-rounded pass-rusher with technique, moves and speed. Harrison also has a great ability to cause turnovers by attacking the football and has amazing closing speed. He never stops. Whether it is called or not, I still contend that no player in the NFL gets held as often as Harrison does. While Harrison might be playing even better than last season, the same surely cannot be said for the entire Steelers defense. Adding S Troy Polamalu when he recovers from a knee injury will help a great deal, but the Steelers need more than just him to reach their dominance from a year ago

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    Re: Silverback: even better then last year?

    haha, yea nobody else talks about how he gets held exept us, i dont understand, even when the game is going on and a replay is shown, the commentators say nothing, it almost like it is fixed.....he is playing well, 3 weeks ago we were asking what is wrong, funny what 6 sacks in 3 games does...


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