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Thread: seahawk unis

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    seahawk unis

    did anyone else see the lime green uniforms, it looked like a bunch of caterpillers playing football in the early spring.

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    Re: seahawk unis

    Awful. I had flashback from the Orlando Thunder of the old World League.

    ESPN's Page 2 has a guy, Paul Lukas, who is obsessed with uniform quirks, and he has a blog all about sports uniforms down to the last detail. On April Fool's Day, he said that the Seahawks were coming out with a lime green jersey, calling it the worst alternate jersey ever.


    He even designed what this god-awful abomination would look like, but it was a complete hoax.

    Do you think that a Seattle exec saw this design and didn't realize that he was making fun of the Seahawks?

    NFL player locker room talk: Discussing what can be done about racial inequality and criminal justice reform.

    Presidential locker room talk: Discussing involuntary gynecological exams.

    According to the highest office in the country, some "very fine people" marched with torches in a violent protest in Charlottesville, but participating in a non-violent protest on a football field means you are an S.O.B. who should be fired.

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    Re: seahawk unis

    i actually loved the old seahawks unis, the silver helmet and the silver pants with the blue/green, thought it was outstanding...these new ones are yick


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