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Thread: 2 Championships 1 yeer 0 Cheating

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    2 Championships 1 yeer 0 Cheating

    City of Champions once again!!
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    Re: 2 Championships 1 yeer 0 Cheating

    I never thought I would get so little use out of my Super Bowl XLIII cap. The white parts are barely even off-white, and now I will have to replace it with a Stanley Cup Champions hat. I wore my Super Bowl XL cap for 3 years before replacing it with the Super Bowl XLIII cap, so all of the parts that were originally white on the Super Bowl XL cap are now a greyish-brown color. My Super Bowl XLIII cap is near mint condition by comparison. The Stanley Cup Champion caps are sweet. Love the stitched Cup on the back. I will be hitting the malls this weekend in search of one for sure (to wear to work on Monday along with my powder blue Max Talbot throwback that I got when I attended the game against the Sabres earlier this season which was the first time they wore those old jerseys on home ice since the 70's...good choice on the player there, eh?).

    I just noticed that the Stanley Cup Champion locker room t-shirt (which I will also have to search out this weekend) has the same odd green stitching on the shoulders that the Super Bowl XLIII Champion locker room t-shirt has. I'm happy with a matching pair.

    I was listening to the Dan Patrick Radio Show yesterday, and he said that they had a Detroit Red Wings 2009 Stanley Cup champion t-shirt for sale on Thursday morning at the NHL Shop website. Oh well...I guess a whole bunch of kids in third world countries will be well dressed in funny new t-shirts this summer!

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    Re: 2 Championships 1 yeer 0 Cheating

    It's been a sweet few months with two championships!!! Now it's time to watch the Pirates


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