I can't jump on the Screw Hossa bandwagon. As much as it might have been a slap in the face to the Pens for him to reject the contract they put in front of him, he actually did the team a favor by saying "no".

I think the addition of Kunitz, Guerin and Adams doesn't happen if you sign Hossa. And no one can tell me that the combination of those three isn't an overall improvement over simply having Hossa. Plus, you couldn't extend Staal with Hossa around. Staal probably doesn't finish the season with the Pens if Hossa is successfully signed.

I believe there was a certain amount of karma to Hossa not skating the Cup with the Wings. There's even more when you consider that he may not be nearly as valuable in this FA market as he was in last season's. Funny things like that happen when you reject US$35M over 5 years. That kind of $$$ stares you in the face and you just don't say no. He did...and he may not see that kind of deal in the 2009 Hot Stove season in the NHL.