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Thread: In the trenches with the newest Steeler

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    In the trenches with the newest Steeler

    In the trenches with the newest Steeler
    A one-on-one with Tom Korte

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    Tom Korte will long be remembered as on Hillsdale College's finest linebackers.

    By RJ Walters, Staff Writer
    Hillsdale Daily News
    Posted Apr 30, 2009 @ 12:52 PM

    Hillsdale College linebacker Tom Korte will be heading to the Pittsburgh Steelers rookie mini-camp on Thursday and signing a two-year free agent contract with the team this weekend. Daily News Sports Editor RJ Walters took time earlier this week to discuss the entire draft process and what lies ahead for the three-time All-GLIAC First-Team standout.

    RW: Prior to the draft, scouting services and Web sites said you were a little too short, couldn’t jump high enough and just weren’t quite worthy of being an NFL draft pick. What was that whole process like for you?

    TK: It didn’t really bother me at all because a lot of times (scouts) look at film. Plus everyone has different numbers, you know that some of that online stuff is just different. At both pro days I was measured over 6-foot and online they had me at 5-11. All the other numbers were comparable, I was happy with my pro days and I put up some decent numbers. It’s all kind of in the past, but just to have teams interested in me because of the condition I’m in and my film and how I reacted to scouts….I think everything has really paid off.

    RW: Can you give people an idea what NFL Draft weekend was like for you and how you came to be a Steeler?

    TK: My agent started calling around to teams to see if they were interested in me after my pro day and the Steelers were one of the teams who were interested. The first draft day nothing went on, and on the second day we didn’t expect anything until around the sixth round, and sure enough the Steelers called my agent, and they said they were interested in me and really liked me as a “priority” free agent. They also said they probably weren’t going to draft me, but they had some legitimate interest in me, so me and my agent talked it over and looked at the situation at linebacker, because it was important to see who they had there. And we kind of felt like Larry Foote might be on his way out, we had some inside information, and he actually is (gone) now. That opens up another spot and that’s really exciting news. Come the seventh round the Steelers had two picks and they didn’t pick a linebacker and my agent called me back and told me they offered us the “priority” free agent…so the deal was done, we made a verbal agreement and then actually this weekend I’ll sign with them.

    RWo you feel this is an opportunity to prove to some people that you are a better player then they might think? You were not selected to the Cactus Bowl (the D-II all-star game) and you didn’t get as much attention from scouting sites or services as players with comparable numbers and combine times.

    TK: There’s a lot of politics and all that stuff in the Cactus Bowl. And I always believed in myself and my family and friends always believed in me and I just felt like I was a high-caliber player who can do a lot of things. I’ve always worked out with the mindset I’m one of the best players and this opportunity just gives me another shot at that, for myself and my surrounding cast, to prove I belong there. This is a life-long goal. I remember watching the Detroit Lions when I was little boy with my dad and I told myself, even as a little boy, that “Yeah, I can play in the NFL”. It’s kind of funny because every little kid thinks that…so it’s exciting and I’m just looking forward to getting after it.

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    Re: In the trenches with the newest Steeler

    This is the type of player who comes from nowhere and becomes a special teams ace.

    Good luck to him.


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