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Thread: Pitt hires OC

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    Pitt hires OC

    This is a very significant hire for Pitt football. After four years of anemic offense and overall questionable coaching in it's quest to get back to national prominence, Pitt lands the highly regarded Frank Cignetti per the article. Matt Cavanaugh has "moved on" to become an assistant coach with the New York Jets.

    There was allot of rumor mill type stuff after Pitt's dubious 3-0 loss in the Sun Bowl and especially after it was leaked in the the blogasphere that Cav was leaving. It is not clear whether he was pushed out and if so by who. Then even more rumor stuff and wish-list type stuff regarding his replacement. Interestingly, one of the mentionables, Noel Mazzone, who was apparently about to be offered something, caused such a negative backlash from Pitt alums (who viewed him as Cav II- big resume/never a winner/'no-redzone-mazzone' as he was dubbed at Auburn) that the right people listened and he was forced off the list. Mazzone, currently NewYork Jets wr coach, is rumored to be looking at qb coach for Cleveland Browns (LOL). Other mentionables Walt Harris will coach in some capacity for Akron, and Chan Gailey willl stay in the NFL.

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    Re: Pitt hires OC

    The 43-year-old Cignetti has a reputation for developing quarterbacks, and that will be one of his main points of emphasis at Pitt, where quarterback Bill Stull and the passing game struggled down the stretch last season. The Panthers may have to rely more on their passing game this season after the loss of star tailback LeSean McCoy.
    This is going to be a tough task for him. Hopefully DW doesn't shoot his new OC in the foot with his desire for a dominant running game even though McCoy is gone.... It's gonna be an "interesting" season in '09 for Pitt.....

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    Re: Pitt hires OC

    I agree. But rumor is Cig gets total control of the offense. And the local sportswriters are anointing him "Pitt's next head coach." So I don't anticipate tension lest Wanny shoots himself in the foot if you know what I mean.

    But even with the picture perfect coaching staff, and this looks to be a very good staff top to bottom, there's still no evidence of a qb with a heartbeat on this team. So it may take yet another year. Everyone's anxiously awaiting spring practice to get a glimpse of Tino Sunseri. Colby Grey will be strictly red shirt barring two injuries.

    But even with that as the worst case senerio, the big difference is that whereas Cav didn't lift a finger with recruiting and lacked the interest, aptitude, ect., Cig is known for that. So if they don't have a qb he'll maunfacture one with what they have. And then he'll go out and help Pitt get a real one. And if despite the new OC, they concur that Bill Stull is the best option then you know with credibility that what they have is crap. Should be interesting.

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