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Thread: Unoffical Game Balls: Playoff Week 1

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    Unoffical Game Balls: Playoff Week 1

    Sorry for the lateness. I was away from my computer.

    Anyway, here goes:


    Willie Parker! He had a great game. Granted, the Chargers D isn't that good, but he had a great performance after an injury-riddled season.

    Runners up:

    Big Ben! He was clutch when he had to be, as usual.

    Holmes, who also had some nice plays and (of course) the punt returned for a TD.


    Woodley!!!!!!! That one sack he did to Rivers was just brutal.

    After that, it's a toss-up between Keisel and Harrison.

    SPECIAL TEAMS: Looked good in most areas. I'd say I have to give one ball to whomever recovered the muffed punt.

    And of course, one game ball goes to TOMLIN for winning first playoff game! Woo-hoo! Congrats!

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    Re: Unoffical Game Balls: Playoff Week 1

    I'm just going with the O-line. They saved their best game for the playoffs. If they can keep that up, we are in great shape!

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    Re: Unoffical Game Balls: Playoff Week 1

    O: o-line

    D: Woodley

    ST: punt return unit

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    Re: Unoffical Game Balls: Playoff Week 1



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    Re: Unoffical Game Balls: Playoff Week 1

    It's one down...Two to go, kids...Let's do it for the divisional playoff win today:


    No question: Welcome back FWP. 27 Carries, 146 Yards, 2 TD. The Steelers will need this against the Rattards. And, chances are, if they get this against the Baltimorons, they will need it again against the winner between AZ and Philly.

    to FWP

    And I'd be remiss to not mention Ben here. He would have gotten the game ball, but the Steelers didn't really need him for anything spectacular. Even so, there were no turnovers and he looked really sharp.

    to Big Ben


    (Lay The) Woodley: 2 big QB sacks, one of which should have been ruled a safety. Four tackles and an assist. The guy was a machine today.


    S'TONIO, S'TONIO, S'TONIO: returning a punt for a TD will always get you this award. I've been waiting for this all year. Holmes made punt returns look easy in college and, given enough chances, he will turn that corner in the pros.

    The Steelers haven't lost a home playoff game to a team in their division in 61 years and not at all in 46. They have won 7 playoff games in a row against divisional teams and haven't lost in the Super Bowl era.

    Baltimore is the stiffest challenge to that yet. We will see what happens, but it is all in the Steelers hands now. It is, at this point, the Steelers Super Bowl to lose.
    Steelers...On The STAIRWAY TO SEVEN!!!
    ASIAN... thanks, brotha!

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    Re: Unoffical Game Balls: Playoff Week 1

    Dunno about ST game ball. Yes Holmes' TD was huge, but our kick coverage allowed a 60 some yd return and a couple other long ones.

    FWP, Woodley and Keisel. 'nuf said.


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