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Thread: Here's a good one!

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    Here's a good one!


    Especially when you get to post #7 and a fellow Rats fan serves him!

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    Re: Here's a good one!

    dangit. what happened in that thread d? Its closed now...

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    Re: Here's a good one!

    Not just closed, it's completely gone. I get a message about an invalid thread. What was it about?
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    Re: Here's a good one!

    Aww that's too must have gotten pretty ugly last night if they deleted the thread.

    It was a thread started by a poster who goes by the name Marchetti. He's in his mid to late 50s and posts "smack talk" like a 12 year old. He's one of those "your opinion, regardless of topic, doesn't matter if you don't like the same football team as me" guys. His fellow Ravens fans find him to be an embarrassment because he's so provincial in his thinking.

    Anyway, he went on a cruise and posted about how when it came to football there happened to be more Ravens fans than any others on the cruise (it was out of Jacksonville). He said there were a couple of Steelers fans who kept to themselves, a few Jets and Dolphins fans, and the most annoying were a couple of "Racialslurs" fans (Redskins) who "had no smack talk".

    So basically the guy was a loud mouthed jerk on this cruise and one of his fellow Ravens fans called him out with something to the effect of "right now there are posts going up on Steelers, Jets, Dolphins and Redskins forums about how the cruise was cool except for this one annoying Ravens fans who wouldn't stop annoying people with his smack talk".

    Ol' Marchetti was not happy at all about it. There was some good back and forth with the guy doing the calling out repeatedly reminding him that he was an embarrassment to Ravens fans. Classic!


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