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Thread: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

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    Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals

    Arizona struggled down the stretch, losing 4 of their last 6, but the Cardinals clinched early and those losses were to the Giants, Eagles, Vikings, and Patriots. I worry a bit about the Falcons almost blowing a home game to the lowly Rams last week with a potential #2 seed and a bye on the line (if not for a last second John Kasay FG to give the Panthers the bye instead). Although Matt Ryan has had a tremendous rookie campaign, I worry about picking a rookie QB on the road in his first playoff game. I think Michael Turner will have a great game against a middle-of-the-pack Cardinal D, but I think that Warner to Fitz, Boldin, and Breaston will score more.

    34-28 Cardinals

    Indianapolis Colts at San Diego Chargers

    People are making a big deal about the Chargers being on a roll headed into the playoffs. The 4 game win streak was against the 3 awful teams in their division and the reeling Bucs. Big deal. They are still an 8-8 team that lucked their way into the playoffs only because another team choked in December. Tony Dungy vs. Norv Turner? Please. The Chargers D is ranked 31st against the pass. I'll ride Peyton Manning into the next round, thank you very much.

    38-20 Colts

    Baltimore Ravens at Miami Dolphins

    Earlier I stated, "Although Matt Ryan has had a tremendous rookie campaign, I worry about picking a rookie QB on the road in his first playoff game." Substitute Joe Flacco for Matt Ryan in that sentence and you have my feelings about this game. The Ravens have a ball-hawking defense that leads the league with 26 INT's, but that is countered by the fact that Chad Pennington is an efficient veteran passer who has thrown only 7 picks this year.

    20-14 Dolphins

    Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings

    Andy Reid and Brad Childress come from the same coaching tree...and you can't rely on either one to make smart calls in crucial situations. Adrian Peterson will make some plays in this game, but Philly has the 4th ranked defense against the rush, so they won't allow him to run free "All Day." Of course, Minnesota as the top ranked defense against the rush, but luckily for Philly, they like to throw way more than they run, and the Viking defense is significantly worse against the pass.

    23-17 Eagles

    This would give us Colts at Titans, Cardinals at Panthers, Eagles at Giants, and Dolphins at Steelers in the divisional round.

    What say you?

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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    All road teams win. Sets up...




    Oh yeah...

    Steelers VS Giants

    Not what I hope for. I'm pulling for the Dolphins & Chargers this weekend. I don't want Baltimore to continue to gain momentum. I also don't want Manning around. I just don't think it will happen though.
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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    I would love to see the Dolphins at Heinz field next weekend!!

    Although the Colts are on a winning streak, they game they won against us was a gift, then they beat the Bengals, Browns, Lions, & the Titans in a meaningless game for both teams. I can see them getting upset on the road in SD on Saturday.

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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    Ravens vs Miami

    Too much defense for the Phins to be effective on offense. Pennington completes a high percentage of passes for very little YPA and their running game is inconsistent.

    Flacco may make some mistakes, but, his defense is heads above the Phins defense if Pennington makes a mistake.

    Ravens - 31
    Phins -17

    Colts vs Chargers

    I'm not sold on the Colts late season surge and believe the Chargers are the better team.

    Chargers - 24
    Colts - 23

    Falcons vs Cards

    Cards just don't have enough on defense in this one and a pass only attack will falter enough to allow the Falcons to take road playoff win into the diviosional round.

    Falcons - 31
    Cards - 27

    Vikings vs Eagles

    The Eagles had their meltdown earlier in the year; it won't happen again. Tavarius Jackson isn't the answer in the playoffs.

    Eagles - 27
    Vikes - 10


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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    Ravens vs Miami

    Going to copy Pappy's score. The Ravens defense and offense should both be scoring in this one.

    Ravens - 31
    Dolphins -17

    Colts vs Chargers

    Colts pull out a close game. Rivers leads the Chargers down the field late but have to settle for a FG. Too much time on the clock for Manning who goes right down the field as well and sets up a game winning FG for Indy.

    Colts- 27
    Chargers - 24

    Falcons vs Cards

    With two teams that you're not sure what to expect, you go with the one that has the better running game in the playoffs.

    Falcons - 27
    Cards - 21

    Vikings vs Eagles

    I'm probably the only one that thinks the Vikes have a chance, but somehow I see them pulling it out. If the Vikes don't turn the ball over and run the ball every chance they get, they could pull off the upset.

    Eagles - 17
    Vikes - 24

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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    Atlanta @ Arizona

    For some reason I have a sneaky suspicion that the Cardinals are going to show up and play in this one. They are a much different team at home as opposed to on the road and Ryan is a rookie QB. I have a feeling that the veteran Warner will have a big game and the Cardinals will be able to contain Michael Turner just enough.....

    Cardinals 27
    Falcons 21

    Indianapolis @ San Diego

    I just don't like the Chargers chances in this ball game at all. Yeah....they won their last 4 games but against who? The Chiefs, the Raiders, the slumping Buccaneers and a Broncos team that had totally lost all confidence in itself. I think Peyton will have a huge night against that weak D in San Diego and the Chargers will not be able to keep up.

    Colts 31
    Chargers 16

    Baltimore @ Miami

    I really like the Dolphins in this game! I just think they will come out fired up and ready for a Baltimore team that beat them earlier in the year. I think they will use the no one really expects us to win anyway approach and find a way to beat the Ratbirds. Flacco will struggle in this game and J Peezy may actually make a big play at the end of the game to save the day for the Phins.

    Miami 17
    Baltimore 13

    Philadelphia @ Minnesota

    As much as I hate the Beagles I don't see a way that the Vikings with Tavaris Jackson will be able to get it done in the matchup. I expect that Westbrook will have a good day and AP probably will have a frustrating one.

    Philadelphia 24
    Minnesota 7

    Just the way I see it! It will set up matchups for the 2nd weekend of:

    Indianapolis @ Tennessee
    Arizona @ Carolina
    Philadelphia @ New York
    Miami @ Pittsburgh

    Will make for a fun weekend x 2!!
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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    Any team that makes it to us is going to be a very hard team to beat. If the phins beat the birds, then they are obviously a lot better than most people think. There is no easy team to beat in the playoffs.

    Either way

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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    Any team that makes it to us is going to be a very hard team to beat. If the phins beat the birds, then they are obviously a lot better than most people think. There is no easy team to beat in the playoffs.

    Either way

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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    Triple post thanks to comcast modems and service sucking a**

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    Re: Predictions for the Wild Card Round

    Ravens -
    as muc as I want the Dolphins to win I just don't see it happening...

    Colts -
    Chargers are good, against bad teams or with the refs help....

    I like the Falcons but this is a case where home field will actually win a game. Falcons also struggled against the Rams...

    Eagles -
    Vikes have no pass attack and Eagles are stout against the run.
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