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Thread: Trivia - Rocky Bleier

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    Trivia - Rocky Bleier

    Just finished watching "Fighting Back" on ESPN Classic. Cheesy movie (as you all know) but still absolutely cool (hey, it is about the Steelers). Anyway, I have been doing some research about Rocky and found out that 20 was not his original number. In his rookie season he wore the same number he wore at Notre Dame. Do you know what it was? By the time he returned from Vietnam another player had taken his number. Because his rookie season number was no longer available he switched to 20. Do you know who that player was?

    Also, I was amazed to see the number of Steelers who guest starred in the movie. Pretty cool, showing their support for Rocky.

    Fighting Back (1980) (TV)

    Anthony Anderson
    Fred Anderson
    Larry Anderson
    Matt Bahr
    John Banaszak
    Theo Bell
    Darrell Brown
    Larry Brown
    Robin Cole
    Steve Courson
    Bennie Cunningham
    Russell Davis
    Sam Davis
    Gary Dunn
    Tom Dornbrook
    Willie Fry Jr.
    Steve Furness
    Derrick Glasper
    Tommy Graves
    Joe Greene
    Greg Hawthorne
    Ron Johnson
    Robert Milie
    Rick Moser
    Gerry Mullins
    Ray Pinney
    Jim Smith
    John Stallworth
    Cliff Stoudt
    Calvin Sweeney
    J.T. Thomas
    Sidney Thornton
    Dwight White
    Dennis Winston
    Dwayne Woodruff

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    Re: Trivia - Rocky Bleier

    Preston Pearson had #26 by the time Rocky was back in play.

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    Re: Trivia - Rocky Bleier

    Quote Originally Posted by sinistermotives
    Preston Pearson had #26 by the time Rocky was back in play.

    Nicely done. :P

    Wikipedia can be your friend!


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