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Thread: #1 Defense in an Offensive Era

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    Re: #1 Defense in an Offensive Era

    Quote Originally Posted by agdci981
    Quote Originally Posted by Iron Shiek

    What up Flippy! Welcome.

    I posted some stats a few days ago, nobody even comes close to our Defensive Yards allowed per game average (23 in the last 20 years. 91 Eagles and 99 Titans were pretty much it. Even the 85 Bears D was allowing yards (although people hardly scored on them). And the facts you state regarding the rules favoring the offense only make these stats even more amazing.
    Yards per game actually does not mean as much as you believe. Look at Yards per play. That is the money stat when evaluating defenses and comparing to the great defenses of the past.

    '78 Steelers gave up 4.2 yards per play.
    2008 Steelers are giving up 3.9 yards per play.
    2000 Ravens? 4.3 yards per play.
    '85 Bears? 4.4
    '91 Eagles was 3.9 and the '99 Titans shouldn't even be thrown into this discussion of great defenses as they allowed 5.3.
    Is there a ranking of defenses according to YPP over the years?

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    Re: #1 Defense in an Offensive Era

    Excellent vantage point flippy, and yes this team is special enough to go to the SuperBowl.


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