I know this has been hashed and re-hashed. But here is what I would do:


Carolina has already stated they will probably franchise Julius Pepper. That will leave Jordan Gross as an UFA. He is better than any LT prospect we currently have. Sign him in FA with the funds that losing Marvel and Starks will save us. This would probably be the biggest FA contract ever for the Steelers.

The alternative plan would be to sign Max Starks to a decent deal and Draft a Left Tackle in the 1st round that can play RT his first year like Otah has done for Carolina.


Do what you need to draft "Duke" Robinson (OK) or Herman Johnson (LSU) in the 1st round of the draft. These players are already as good or better than Kemoeatu and have the potential to be pro-bowl players like Faneca.

The alternative here is to sign Kemoeatu to a decent deal and keep him at LG.


Keep Hartwig for one more year and continue to groom Stapleton for this position after next year.


Sign Colon to a decent RFA tender and move his ass to the spot his body is built for. I just have the feeling he would be an above average guard as opposed to a barely average RT. This would negate his weaknesses and feature his strengths.

The back-up plan here would be to start Stapleton at RG next year.


This one is the toughest for me to get figured out. If we keep Starks and put him at LT, we could draft a tackle in the first round for this position and move Colon to RG. Or, if Hills improves enough he could start at RT in this position next year. Or, you could sign Colon to a tender and keep him at RT.

Back-up Plan:

Re-sign Essex as a guard/tackle back-up and use Stapleton as the back-up guard/center. This would leave also Hills for back-up if you draft a tackle in the first.

The main portion of this plan does not have us resigning Starks, Smith, or Kemoeatu. I just don't think Kemo is that great to be honest. I think he is really limited in pass blocking. However, if we are going to go back to a fullback based offense, then he would have greater value in a smashmouth offense.

Oh yeah, Fire the phuck out of Bruce Arians and Larry Zeirlein. Hire a good coordinator and do whatever you have to do to get Mike Munchek, Hudson Houck, or whoever coaches the Giants O-line.