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Thread: Heath Miller Calf

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    Re: Heath Miller Calf

    Quote Originally Posted by papillon
    They showed a shot of him with it wrapped in ice standing on the sideline and mentioned that he could play if needed, but, highly unlikely to play any more in last night's game.

    I'd like to take this moment to give some, no, actually, a lot of credit to the Steeler front office for the way they do business. The Steelers have 9 players (maybe 10) on IR, 3 starters (Sepulveda, Simmons and Warren), a promising rookie, a specialy teams ace, a solid proven backup quarterback, the starting running back has missed 4 weeks of the season, the starting LT has missed two games now, Kiesel has missed time, Hampton (pro-bowl NT) has missed time, a starting cornerback is out for a few more weeks, the starting FS is out, Ben gets hurt and now the starting TE has issues.

    The Steelers are 6-2 folks and lead the AFCN by one game. Lets give the FO some credit for putting together a very deep team that has players ready to step in and fill big shoes when asked to do so. We belabor the point of signing Max Starks to a 7 million dollar contract and completely overlook Mewelde Moore, William Gay, Nick Eason, Chris Hoke, Stapleton, Leftwich, Townsend, Berger, Retkofksy (WTF, this guy was stacking shelves a week ago and was solid last night), etc.

    We obsess over one screw up and overlook all the good work that is going on and as I type this response it has come to my attention that Mike Tomlin is not getting adequate credit for having backups prepared to play pivotal roles for the Steelers and not just in spot duty. Parker was down for 4 weeks, Simmons is done for the year, Smith is out indefinitely (I guess), Ben can't return to a critical game that the Steelers are only leading by 4 points, McFadden has missed 2 games, it goes on and on and on...

    This Steelers football team is a resilient bunch and it appears that Tomlin refuses to allow the things that he can't control affect what the Steelers do offensively or defensively. I'd like to give the FO and the coaching staff a standing ovation at the halfway point of the season.

    I agree and have stated some of these things myself. These are the types of things that some fans overlook or take for granted. I do not think many teams could survive this amount of injuries and continue to win. Starks signing does not look so bad right now. He has played well.

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    Re: Heath Miller Calf

    I thought I saw something they are now calling Heath's injury the dreaded "high ankle sprain." That could be bad. I hope that is not the case because that could take him out of the line up for several weeks.

    If Heath is out of the line up I'm afraid Ben will wait even longer for plays to open up downfield and totally ignore the TE position as an outlet option.

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    Re: Heath Miller Calf

    Isn't Matt Spaeth supposed to be an excellent pass-catching TE? Let's use that boy!!!

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    Re: Heath Miller Calf

    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar
    Isn't Matt Spaeth supposed to be an excellent pass-catching TE? Let's use that boy!!!
    Bump! Let see what that tall MFer can do!


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