Okay, I am in a bit of a dilemma...here's the situation.

So, my fiance and I have tickets to the game Monday night. He's a Bears fan, but will root for the Steelers as long as they're not playing the Bears. This is the first football game we've gone to where the Bears are not playing, and he wants to dress in appropriate Steelers attire to show his support for the team.

My grandmother bought us Steelers jersey's for Christmas last year (I got Hines, he got Ben), and he is planning on wearing his to the game. But, last weekend, since the Bears were not playing, he wore his Ben jersey during the Giants game (first time he's worn it). And look what happened...Ben had one of the worst games of his career! So, I'm a little leary about letting him wear his jersey to this game...

So, I mentioned my concerns about his negative energy affecting Ben's playing, and after he stopped laughing at me being a typical superstitious Steelers fan, he said he'd wear whatever Steelers stuff I wanted him to. So, I've got three options:

A. He wears his Ben jersey
B. He wears my second Hines jersey (I had one before my Grandma bought us the jersey's for Christmas, and I liked the one she sent better, so I wear it, and have a second). Though process is that my Positive vibes will outweigh his negative energy, and thereby minimize its effect.
C. Don't let him wear a jersey at all but let him wear my zip up Steelers fleece.

Size is not an issue, as all of my stuff is pretty big and fits him just fine, and none of it is girly, so it's all a matter of preference...

What do you all think???

(Yes, I know I'm crazy, and I really am not a superstitious as all of this sounds, but you can't be too careful... )