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Thread: As of Now: Best draft picks for the Steelers '09

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    Re: As of Now: Best draft picks for the Steelers '09

    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher
    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo
    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Quote Originally Posted by MeetJoeGreene
    Why would you draft Robinson and move him to tackle rather than a pure OT? We are going to need him to play probably,right away.

    I would be concerned about him making both the transition to NFL AND a position change at once ... unless it is coupled with signing a stopgap OT for a year or so.
    That is extactly what I was thinking. While some OGs make a successful transition to OTs I would much rather have a pure OT.
    We are deep at the interior OL with Hartwig, Stapleton, Kemo and Simmons. Add that Essex and Colon both could play the interior line if required. We need OTs which is why I see Simmons most likely being franchised. I see no reason we go for a Guard ahead of OT or Center.
    Simmons is locked up for next season. Only free agents get franchised.
    I think he meant Smith, not Simmons.

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    Re: As of Now: Best draft picks for the Steelers '09


    With that in mind, it would be tres cool if Eugene Monroe was on the board when the Steelers selected. That's the way I would go.

    A lot of up and down action is going to occur between now and April with draft prospects, but I would love to see a draft like this:

    Round 1: Eugene Monroe-OT-Virginia. Along with franchising Marvel (excellent idea RB!), this kid gets groomed to take over LT in 2010. He has nice size and speed and has a good grasp of blocking for the passing game

    Round 2: Fili Moala-DT-USC. They should consider a trade up for him. I would trade the 2nd this year and a 3rd next for the right to move into this pick. With what the Steelers have been losing or have lost in FA, they may be getting 3rd round comps for the next few years. Moala is a necessary get with the issues Hampton is having injury-wise.

    Round 3 (Regular): Alex Boone-OT-Ohio State. The Steelers should also consider moving up to get him as well if he's still available in the third. He could contribute immediately and eventually take over the RT slot where he would thrive. The Steelers need two tackles in the first three rounds to recoup FA losses and under performance by current players. If Boonie was available here, the Steelers would be stupid not to chase him down.

    Round 3 (Comp): Wopamo Osaisai-CB-Stanford. He becomes necessary early in the process because of the age of Townsend and the probable exodus of McFadden. He's also a track athlete, so I like the prospect of someone in the back that can use top speed in pursuit of ball carriers.

    That's just a cross-section of what the early rounds could look like. I wouldn't bet that this particular mock will hold up like this. But it is likely that the need pattern would indicate the positions, and not so much the players indicated, be drafted in those spots.

    The Steelers are in VERY REAL NEED at the T position. That's where I would draft. If the Steelers want to go with Gs and Cs in FA, that may be a more economical solution to adding via FA. I would guess, though, that the Steelers will eventually move Colon to G out of necessity and because it's his more natural position anyway.

    Lots of time for this to shake out, though. Who knows? Right now, the AFC is up for grabs and the Steelers could still contend. We don't even know where the Steelers will end up in the order.
    Steelers...On The STAIRWAY TO SEVEN!!!
    ASIAN... thanks, brotha!


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