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Thread: It's now "official": Big Ben one of the best!

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    Re: It's now "official": Big Ben one of the best!

    Quote Originally Posted by proudpittsburgher
    Quote Originally Posted by Ozey74
    I like this read!! I will reference it when I have my daily debates with the various Peyton homers that I surround myself with!

    Peyton Manning is a great QB . . . when everything goes to his plan. One thing goes wrong, and I mean one thing, and Peyton turns sour in a heartbeat. Just ask any of those Manning fans how a quarterback that good, with as many offensive weapons as he's been given, with as good of protection he has had throughout his career, has only won a single super bowl, many times bowing out in the team's first postseason games? And that was against Rex Fricken Grossman!

    I have argued this point!! The arguement I hate hearing about is the Ben took over a good team. He took over a team that won 6 games the previous year and 0-2 before he took over. True, they had the talent. But it's clear that Ben was difference maker in 2004.

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    Re: It's now "official": Big Ben one of the best!

    The Steelers weren't 0-2 when Ben took over in 2004...
    Actually, my post was NOT about you...but, if the shoe fits, feel free to lace that &!+# up and wear it.


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