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Even though I hate Max Sucks, I would be amazed if he wasn't the starting RT next Sunday night, with Willie moving down to play at RG and Stapleton (who looked very good) getting his reps.

IRing Mendy is a huge bummer. Moore's play tonight softens the blow, but that is another big setback for a draft class that is beginning to look like the Trojan-ENZ Boner of the Year.

This is yet another reason why the draft must devote around half of the picks to the OL and maybe another quarter to the pass rush. The rest of the team looks like world beaters compared to the interior lines. Pretty soon, the Steelers may have to convert to the 2-5 because there are too few bodies to man the 3 in the 3-4.
I think Stapleton starts at RG on Sunday because it is already a short week of practice coming off MNF. But with the bye week immediately after that, I think that is the time to slide Colon over to RG and insert Starks at RT.