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I weon't assign the blame to Ben or the OC because we just don't know ( I think it is both play calling and Ben not adjusting), but we need to have a lot more plays where the TEs and RBs are the first option for passing not the option of last resort. Big splashy plays may be great, but they are low percentage plays. I'd rather work down the field and eat up the clock with six 8-10 yard pass plays versus waiting for one 50 yard play and getting the QB sacked two or three times.
I agree with this totally.

Also, the Eagles didn't disguise a lot of those blitzes, why isn't Ben audibling into a different play, protection scheme or changing some routes? Holmes on a quick slant can be devastating.
I would not be surprised at all if Ariens had no plays like that in the playbook. I don't think Ben enjoys getting pulverized, he would have called them if he could have is my guess.