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Thread: OT: Chase Friggen Daniel

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    OT: Chase Friggen Daniel

    This kid is INSANE. He might be one of the best QBs I have seen in college football for a LONG LONG time.

    I have seen 3 of his 4 games and I will tell you what...that kid is workman like. He quickly releases the football and has a rocket of an arm...and also rarely makes poor choices.

    Look at these stats:
    through FOUR games
    -Completions: 101-133 (only 13 incompletions his last 3 games which equates to something like a 85% completion percentage his last 3 games...76% for the year)
    -Yards: 1412 yards (353 yards per game)
    -TD/INT: 12 TDs---1 INT

    And this is ALL with him being basically his teams ONLY offense (he does have some decent WRs to throw to but the running game is lacking pretty hardcore if you ask me).

    For example: In today's game against Buffalo his team had 590 yards total offense...he threw for 439 and rushed for 16 more!!! Their longest running play was 16 yards and their primary RB (Derrick Washington) has complete pedestrian numbers this year.

    Chase Daniel, if he continues at this pace, SHOULD win the Heisman, but more than any of that the kid without a doubt should be the #1 QB taken in the draft...Detroit? San Francisco?

    This kid seems to be for real. He can check down...he can throw the deep ball. He runs more of a spread offense instead of the option offense that is ruining college football QBs and their transition into the NFL. He can make what seems like all of the throws.

    He is kinda short though at only 6'0" 225lbs...but honestly I dont know how big of an issue that will be. It certainly will be somewhat of a concern...but he is 100% a humble, gracious guy...and one of the BEST TEAM LEADERS I have seen in the NCAA games this year.

    He may just throw for over 4000 yards again this year--barring injury which I pray doesnt happen b/c he's fun as hell to watch play--and another 30-40 TDs. Those numbers would give him over 12,000 yards and almost 100 TD passes.

    This kid is DYNO----MITEEEEEE

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    Re: OT: Chase Friggen Daniel

    but who have they played? you said buffalo... he had impressive stats against a nobody. I like him, and i think he'll get the heisman, but he's not a great qb.

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    Re: OT: Chase Friggen Daniel

    Mizz schedule:
    southeast missouri state

    and about the rushing stats for his rb's
    against ill - washington (rb) 19/130
    Against SMS - washington 8/67
    against UNLV - washington 8/75
    against buff - 18/89

    those aren't too bad of stats if you ask me.
    AND i only focused on one of their rb's

    but i do admit he's a good ballplayer


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