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Thread: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

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    Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    I think it will be a close game, but their pass rush will be too much to overcome...they come after Ben with a vengeance. As a result, FWP will have a good game and the Steelers will battle, but it won't be enough and they'll fall just short. It'll be a hard hitting affair, but in the end the Eagles come out on top 24-21.

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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    This will be very close. The team that can get to the QB most effectively will win. Philly blitzes more than we do. If we can't protect Ben then they win.

    I also think Special Teams play will be huge in this game. The team that falters and lets up the big play will lose.

    I'm thinking Steelers win 20-17.
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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    Gotta say I'm a bit worried about this one. I'll take the Steelers and the points, but not sure about the actual outcome. I will say that McNabb and Westbrook won't run as rampant as they did against Dallas and St. Louis, and if their defense played like it did last week, I'm taking the Steelers. It looks to be a really, really good game, though.

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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    Remember that Philly coming off a hard fought LOSS. It takes a toll to fight as hard as they did and come up short. Plus they are on a short week...advantage Steelers. Steelers don't have to travel far. Steelers whipped that azz last time the Eagles were highly touted. I think it could be tough for a bit but we could be underestimated in this one. We pull away at the end. My bold prediction: 30-10 Steelers. Ben finally gets the leash taken off and everyone starts talking about us after this one.

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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    Close game. Down to the wire. Not the shootout that the Philly-Dallas game was, though. We are up 14-3 at the half, and hold on to win 24-20.

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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    34-13 Steelers

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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    This is one I am afraid to call. I can see either team winning. It really depends on how we start.

    It seems that the passing game we have should be explosive and potent. I bet that our D will be tougher than what Dallas gave them. I see McNabb going down a few times. If Bruce A calls a few quick throw passes and other change of pace plays, then the Eagles D will be second guessing more than they did last week.

    They lost one for a reason. Let's exploit that reason.

    Prediction: 27-20 us, predicted with fear and trembling.
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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    For the third week in a row ...

    Reed wins it on a last second FG.

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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    I do not fear or tremble. There is no mercy for the weak. The SteelMen will do their work and come out as winners in an excellant game. Close until the end...we pull away with 2 TD in the 4th Q 31-17. Ben is Legend.
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    Re: Steelers @ Eagles Prediction Thread

    The Steelers defense continues its good play and causes McNabb to get happy feet. It isn't going to be as easy passing on the Steelers as the Cowboys. Ben has another good game and a solid effort from Willie. The Steelers win a thriller 24-23.


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