I see that the consensus here is that Pryor should start the rest of the season and Boeckman should break out the shellac to coat his spot on the bench.

I couldn't agree more!!!

I only saw bits and pieces of the game last night. That's all right. I saw the gist. The Bucks were awful and Tressel's trend of getting owned in big games is getting a little tired.

The Bucks had a lot of guys come back for one more chance at the NC. That ain't happening, even if the rest of the BCS implodes. Now, what will we see from the Bucks for the remainder of the season? Will all the high profile returnees just mail it in from this point? Who knows?

The USC game should be Boeckman's last start at tOSU. The guy never had impeccable credentials anyway, but he plays like a deer in headlights.

After the little that I saw from the Bucks last night, I am not only convinced that they are playing out the string at this point but that they aren't even a sure thing to win the Big 11. Last night's game just confirmed that they are miles away from contention and that the OU game wasn't such a mirage after all.