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Write it down, next year The Wood will be our defensive captain. I remember the summer of his rookie training camp that the coaches remarked the level of maturity this young man possessed, his committment to his craft and work ethic he displayed on the field. This is huge for this organization that we have a leader that will not only lead with his words but his example as well. Last year there was an article on him stating that he wanted to crack the starting line-up this year and make an impact on the field so that he can help be a leader of this defensive unit. I remember reading this and thinking, what determination.... confident but not cocky. This is yet another example of why this organization has flourished throughout the years, because its committed to finding character people to put on the roster. Between Wood and FWP winning NFL honors this week, this season may prove to be something special for our devoted fanbase. Its great to be part of "The Nation!"
Not as long as Silverback plays for the Steelers. He (Silverback) brings too much intensity and attitude not make him the defensive captain. My 20 cents... :P