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i hate the pats more than anyone but i dont think its like that. cassell has been with them for 3 or 4 years so he knows the offense. who is really available, chris simms and tim rattay, wow world beaters right there. why bring in a bum that doesnt know the offense. cassell is a bum that knows the offense, so i think it makes sense. making simms and rattay fly to mass then send them home right away is pretty shi$$y though
$$$, I think some folks are reaching looking for a conspiracy theory here. If there's any shadiness, I would suspect that Cassell is much better than advertised and they've been "hiding" it. But even that's kind of silly.

Here's what we know:
Bellicheck's a fairly smart dude.
Not having a competent backup QB is stupid.

Therefore, Bellicheck views Cassell as a viable backup.

The games'll let us know if he is or not.