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Thread: Leftwich?

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    Re: Leftwich?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mel Blount's G
    Quote Originally Posted by birtikidis
    my view point is that these guys are all professionals, they should be able to catch a hard thrown ball.
    having said that, I don't know why he throws it SO hard on short routes...
    It's called "touch". Other hard throwers like farve have it. Heftwich don't have it.

    I don't expect Carey Davis to catch a nolan ryan fast ball 6 yards away....and he shouldn't have to.
    i take it you didn't finish reading my post?

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    Re: Leftwich?

    Quote Originally Posted by Rickt011
    Leftwich has a arm, but it's not the touch issue, it's the forced issue,turnover issues Byron has. There's a reason BL was out of work and no one wanted him. He brings assets to the table, but he also brings liabilities. He's erratic, today no mistakes, but ask ATL, he was all thumbs there.
    The biggest issue I've seen with Leftwich since he's been here is that more of his passes ricochet off of recievers hands, faces etc. than actually get caught.

    Another AS masterpiece.

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    Re: Leftwich?

    Leftwich needs to put a little touch on the ball and the receivers and him probably need more time together. They are not on the same page and I'm sure with more reps they could be. I just wish Byron would think less howitzer and feel it more.
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    Re: Leftwich?

    Quote Originally Posted by buckeyehoppy
    Quote Originally Posted by SanAntonioSteelerFan
    What did you guys think?

    I wish I could get rid of this feeling of dread about him. Maybe I'm just spoiled by comfortable with CB back there.
    He didn't move the O and didn't complete a pass. Although, to be fair, he was the relief pitcher in a game that was largely over. That I would boil down to just not having the requisite focus to move the team and kill the clock.

    It's hard to feel anything but good over the way the Steelers played today. Hopefully, when Lefty gets another chance, he'll step up his play, even if the outcome is far from in doubt.
    Gotta agree, Ms. Big Fan noted that to me earlier almost verbatim.


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