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Thread: Since I offended

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    Re: Since I offended

    Quote Originally Posted by steeld95
    I used to post here....but haven't in awhile....Mainly because it seems like everything is centered around OSU. I have no problem with their fans and don't mind their insight, but for me, I am not as interested in OSU, so I come here less frequently.

    I am a huge SEC fan, but also a football fan, so I will discuss anything...but when all the threads are about OSU, it gets a little old...
    steeld95, I apologize.... It's just that this particular game was a big one... And not too many posts seem to get attention around here unless they are OSU oriented...

    But I will do my best to vary the info I post, if you promise to comment on it...

    ...BTW, I think you got robbed against Georgia... Penalties, poor calls, and unfortunately a few poor on-field decisions killed Carolina, IMO...

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    Re: Since I offended

    steeld i'm like you. when it comes to college football, i love SEC but, i appreciate it all. the only levels that i'm die hard is high school and pro. in fact I follow so many college teams that it gets to be a little annoying.

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    Re: Since I offended

    Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with the posts about OSU if that is the majority of the fans here...and yes, it was a big game....If it was my team playing in that game...i would be the same way....sorry if my post sounded like I was angry..but that is not the I said, I would be the same way if my team was playing in a game that big

    but for me, I really don't have much to add to that, I had a feeling it would not be close. USC just has so much talent it is ridiculous. They have five 5 star RB's....thats just insane......but they always have talent and most years they seem to lay an egg in one game.....Stanford last year.

    I just love college football overall....Don't get me wrong, I love Pro too, especially the black and gold....but I just see more passion in the college is especially evident to me when players in the Pros are in their contract year....they all of the sudden seem to play alot harder....well, unless you are Max Starks!!!!!!

    NKY-Yeah man, we definitely should have knocked off UGA....We had some really bad calls adn some really bad plays....that bogus pass interference call was huge...and then that fumble by our RB at their 2 yard line. It is rough because we have two RB's who are behind him that are much more talented....Hopefully the coaches see the light now and play them more....they are saying they are going hopefully they will. I think we are close...Our D is really good. Our offense moved the ball really well against UGA in the second half...just couldn't capitalize....We were in their half of the field on our last three drives only to come up with was a tough one to swallow....I can take a loss, but not when you outgain you opponent and outplay them....Our defense shut that offense down big....Two supposed Heisman contenders looked average....if we can get our offense going, I think we will have a few upsets this year...should be a fun year....


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