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Well week 1 is over and it is early, but looks like the following predictions are going to hold true:

1. Steelers win the AFC North by at least 2 games
2. Browns and Bumgals both suck on defense and will struggle to be 8-8
3. Carson Palmer is probably the second most over rated QB in the NFL right behind Derek Anderson
4. Beginning of the end for the Pats
5. As I predicted, the Jags are finding out they really don't have a QB
6. Titans will be tough to beat on the road
7. The Ravens will only be as successful as their defense.
8. Don't count the good teams out after 1 week!

Gotta go with you here Pappy.
Lot of football to go.
While I would be loathe to piz on a victory parade, I think there are some teams out there besides our beloved Steelers that just might have got a chip put in thier mouth today that they may wear on the shoulder next week.
The stains might just be one of them, but we will dismantle the "darlings" if we play like we did today.
I agree lots more to go, but teams rarely reinvent thenselves as the season goes on. What we saw this week show the essence of what some of these teams really are. The Steelers will hit bumps along the road--I actually predict this week in Cleveland may be one.

As long as we stay healthy I think we can put a good run together to 11-5 or 10-6.

Anyone else sick of ESPN treating Brady's injury like the president got assasinated. or a repeat of 9-11 I thought Berman was going to start to cry in the post-game show.