Just how good was our start?? Here are the individual and team areas where we are ranked either at the top or number two spot. (please let me know if I missed anything)

Ben Roethlisberger - QB Rating: 147.0 (1st-NFL)
Willie Parker - Rushing: 138 yards (2nd)
Willie Parker - Scoring: 18 points (1st)
Hines Ward - Receiving TDs: 2 (1st)
James Harrison - Sacks: 3 (T-1st)
Troy Polamalu - Interceptions: 1 (T-2nd)
LaMarr Woodley - Interceptions: 1 (T-2nd)

Pittsburgh Steelers - Team Scoring: 38 points (T-1st)
Pittsburgh Steelers - Team Sacks: 5 (T-2nd)
Pittsburgh Steelers - Team Interceptions: 2 (T-1st)

Yeah it's only the first week, but these individual and team performances were an amazing way to get things going. Combine the win with home losses by the Stains and Bolts (too bad they weren't divisional), and of course the biggest loss of the day for the Pats* and I'd say it was a blissful begining to the season.

Let's keep this thing rollin'!!!!!!!!!!