Hmm...let's see.

Steelers DESTROY the Texans and look good in all facets of the game. FWP shuts up all the message board critics. Hines is back. Ben looks razor sharp. Our D is downright scary.

Bungles looking horrible, and Ocho Idioto has 1 reception for 22 yards total. Douchemanzadah has a whopping 44 yards. Check out Mr. Leet Palmer's stats: 10/25, 99 yards, 0 TD, and 1 Int.

Ratbirds still have no offense worth mentioning and only won their opener because they were playing the Bungles.

The Stains look horrible and exactly like the off-season paper champions we all knew they were.

While I don't celebrate injuries to other teams' players, I can't say I'm sorry that Brady went to the showers in the 1st quarter of the Cheatriots* game.


Great day. Bring on the Stains!!!