Howdy y'all, the game thread is now here! It's going to be great to see the Steelers play again! I'm Rick, a resident PITA, (pain in the ass) over at the Trib, that is not a troll, I'm only 49, but every year I am thankful to see another year. I was asked to move the thread here, and I like the server and hopefully it turns out to be the best game thread online.

Been a rough off season, many problems, mistakes, the HC and FO not doing the things some feel they should. Our Steelers in my opinion are not the powerhouse team we've grown accustom to. I feel our Steelers are going the wrong direction, and it will be a few years before we return to rule the AFC. It's a cycle thing, it's our turn to fall from grace and recycle for a few years, get the right players and then make another run. Our HC and GM are green and their decision making over the past 18 months shows how green they are. The signing of Simmons last week before the season last year was a bad move. Trying to sign Marvell this year before the 1st game, a mistake if it is done. These last minute desperate moves usually end in disaster. Marvell had his run here, time for him to milk someone else.

The first game of the season will say a lot. The OL this year is our glaring weakness, and after watching our QBs get sacked 93 times the last two years shows how bad our OL is. The talent level on the OL is gone, we are starting back ups, and holding on to old past their prime players that lack speed but command major money. Kendall Simmons and Marvell are both players who should have packed up and left after last season, but we didn't see it. Then there is our center position, Mahan is gone, all we got now is often injured, never recovered from last 2 injuries Justin Hartwig, who showed us in preseason he is not ready to start, he is lost out there, and he lacks upper body strength. Justin is not the answer at center, you will all see he is not as good as Mahan was last year. Today Justin has the chance of a lifetime, starting center for the Steelers, and I don't think he's got what it takes to anchor our line. Leads me to Willie Colon, the made is made to be a guard, he played back up guard and played it well, and he is our RT. He gets beat routinely by speed rushers, and usually his guy gets to Ben first physically, Marvell's guy flushes Ben, Willies guy tries to contain Ben. Our OL is weak, not stand out talent is left. WE have a RT starting at LT and backup starting at LG, a questionable center due to injuries 2 years ago, a diabetic RG who causes more trouble then any other starting guard in the league, and then our legit LG starts at RT. Yeah we're ready to play football.

Well I hope you like the game thread and I would like to get some volunteers to cover different parts of the game. The game is normally online, so why duplicate ball placement and time? Why not have a group of 4 handling different parts of the game, like OL and DL for one, QB and LB for the other, WRs and DBs, and special teams. I'll take OL/DL unless someone else wants it. The idea is to enjoy the game and giving your insight on how our Steelers are really doing.

Above all no fighting please, lets work together and keep the focus on the Steelers. Save the fighting for the other threads. Lets enjoy the game.