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    Re: Question

    Quote Originally Posted by eniparadoxgma
    Quote Originally Posted by Les 74
    Ok,after four pages,I'm still as confused as after the first one.
    Perhaps this will clear it up for you, Les:


    You're welcome.

    Oh,ok.Thats much better now.

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    Re: Question

    Quote Originally Posted by RussBII
    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick
    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Quote Originally Posted by Slapstick
    If you do not want to have your opinion mocked, debated, picked apart or otherwise disagreed with, perhaps you should consider not posting on a message board at all...

    More than one of your posts created in a debate with me took a "mocking" tone...Am I getting my panties in a bunch about it?

    I follow a three step program:

    1) Express your opinion
    2) Take your lumps
    3) Move on

    Life is tough...wear a cup...
    Ehh shut the F up.
    And thank you for illustrating my point so beautifully... featuring the cup you wear so prominently in your sig...although that must be uncomfortable in jeans...
    Not really...the pimp cup in my jeans gets me mad lovin's.
    Is "mad lovin's" another way to say "serious chafing?"

    Gold Bond to the rescue!
    Nothing a little vasoline can't help.
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    5. Eddie Vanderdoes-DT/DE UCLA
    6. Josh Malone-WR Tennessee
    7. Tarik "The Human Joystick" Cohen-RB/WR/PR, NCA+T

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    Re: Question

    I think we all need a cross-continental "Kumbaya Fest".

    Start us off AA!
    Steel City Mafia
    So Cal Boss (Ret)

    My son's first Kansas Turkey!


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