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Thread: OT - Flacco to start

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    Re: OT - Flacco to start

    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Quote Originally Posted by Flasteel
    Quote Originally Posted by stlrz d
    Mods, sorry to put this here but it seems as if hardly anyone goes to the "Around the NFL" forum and I think this is big news deserving of as many board eyeballs as possible.

    If you see fit to move it that's cool.
    Why in God's name would this get moved? If it in any way, shape, or form impacts the Steelers (and this clearly does), then it should stay right where it is. I can't speak for anyone else, but I sure hope that those who moderate this board don't start reminding me of the Trib mods.

    As far as Flacco...he's got three weeks to get ready for a primetime beatdown.

    No need for any of that. We have sections for a reason. With that said, if a topic has reasonable bearing on the Steelers it won't be moved. What we are trying to avoid is clutter. For instance, when the Trib was flooded for weeks with Pats and Farve threads. It's to give people a chance to look through Steeler news or news that effects the Steelers in a non cluttered format.
    Thanks for the explanation. I was never sure why some were moved and some weren't.

    So would it be safe to assume that AFCN news is ok here but other team news should go in Around the NFL?

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    Re: OT - Flacco to start

    Quote Originally Posted by Flasteel
    Quote Originally Posted by ShawnMedGuy
    Quote Originally Posted by rpmpit
    Is Troy Smith really THAT bad??
    No, he is just sick. If Flacco flops...which he will...Troy will be the starter.
    I know T. Smith is your boy, but wouldn't you rather see him ride the pine until after the first Steelers game? Either one of those quarterbacks will be overwhelmed by our defense and the different looks we give them. I'd imagine that it would be painful for you to see Smith get relieved for Joey Harrington or Joe Flacco part 2 after he's pounded on for three quarters.

    Don't get me wrong Shawn, I'm sure you're rooting for the Black-n-Gold win no matter what, so you won't feel too bad...but still.

    As far as the clutter thing...I've got no problem with that, although we really don't have enough traffic for it to be a concern yet. It's just when a topic like this gets moved...then I'd be irritated.
    As for clutter...its best to get people used to posting topics in the correct forums. If it is even remotely Steeler related it will stay here.

    As for Troy...of course I would rather see him ride the pine. But, I like the guy...I like his story.
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