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Thread: On the eve of the 2008 season and the bold predictions are..

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    Re: On the eve of the 2008 season and the bold predictions are..

    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo
    Here is a shot:

    AFC North: Steelers will have no problem winning the Division again.
    Steelers 10-6
    Browns 8-8
    Bumgals 7-9
    Ravens 6-10

    AFC South: Indy wins again, but by a thread and it is clear they are starting to decline. The Jags will see that Garrard is another Derek Anderson and he proves to not be as good as advertised. Potential Surprise: Texans surprise and win the Division or come in a close 2nd.

    AFC East: Pats guaranteed at least 5 easy victories in one of the weakest Divisions in football (close in suckiness to NFC West), but expect first round exit in the play offs this year. Like the Colts this is the year the Pats decline starts. The defense betrays them.

    AFC West: San Diego wins this one by at least 4 games and ends up at 13-3 and the best record in the AFC.

    Pittsburgh and San Diego meet in the AFC Championship game.

    I have a buddy who is a huge Patriot/Sox fan. He goes to every Steeler game at whatever Steeler watering hole we decide to go to for the games on Sunday. We have two 50 dollar bets. 1) The Patriots will not go to the SuperBowl and 2) The Steelers will finish above .500 this year. With your Pitt/SD AFCCG prediction I am assured both bets will swing my way. Thanks for the good MOJO.

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    Re: On the eve of the 2008 season and the bold predictions are..

    Quote Originally Posted by Hardliner
    MOST excellent takes from everyone on this thread! We all could be geniuses or dunces given how it all plays out, you know? Something else to consider:

    Every season, it seems, there is a darkhorse team (I'm going only AFC here) that emerges out of nowhere and becomes not only a playoff team but does considerable damage in the playoffs. In other words, this team arrives a year early.

    My darkhorse pick this year is ....... Okay I have three:

    Denver (It pains me to state this)

    And of the 3? I'll go with....Houston.
    I'm a little leary of Houston also - OK, a lot leery, especially the first game of the season. I hope Ariens has about 80/20 plays called running to the right, to stay away from Mario Williams. And maybe half of the 20% going to the left being screens to sucker Williams in. If we don't keep Ben upright, it could be scary.

    Rule #1 for Ben - Remember, Williams is big AND fast - throw the ball away sooner than you're used to!!

    We got our "6-PACK" - time to work on a CASE!


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    Re: On the eve of the 2008 season and the bold predictions are..

    Good layout stlrzd! I'm coppycatting.

    AFC Division winners:

    AFC EAST- Bills- their 1st team looked steller against ours
    AFC NORTH- Steelers
    AFC SOUTH- Colts
    AFC WEST- Chargers

    AFC Wild Cards:

    Jags- barely

    AFCC: Steelers vs. Colts

    NFC Division winners:

    NFC EAST- Giants
    NFC NORTH- Vikings (none of these teams are impressive)
    NFC SOUTH- Panthers
    NFC WEST- good grief!!! the NFC sucks... Seahawks??



    NFCC: Giants vs. Panthers

    Another AS masterpiece.

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    Re: On the eve of the 2008 season and the bold predictions are..

    1st - Pittsburgh
    2nd - Cleveland
    3rd - Cincy
    4th - Ravens

    1st - NY Jets
    2nd - New England
    3rd - Buffalo
    4th - Miami

    1st - Indy
    2nd - Jacksonville
    3rd - Houston
    4th - Tennessee

    1st - San Diego
    2nd - Oakland
    3rd Denver
    4th - Kansas City

    1st - Cowboys
    2nd - Philly
    3rd - Giants
    4th - Washington

    1st - New Orleans
    2nd - Tampa Bay
    3rd - Carolina
    4th - Atlanta

    1st - Minnesota
    2nd - Bears
    3rd - GB
    4th - Lions

    1st - Cards
    2nd - Hawks
    3rd - St. Louis
    4th - 49ners

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    Re: On the eve of the 2008 season and the bold predictions are..

    Alright I'll give this a shot:

    AFC North:
    Steelers = 3rd Seed
    Browns: very disappointing
    Bengals: Marvin is fired by Wild Card Weekend
    Ravens: Team with no direction

    AFC East:
    Patriots = 1st Seed
    Jets = 5th Seed
    Bills: Just miss playoffs, in contention until week 16
    Dolphins: very improved

    AFC South:
    Jaguars = 4th Seed
    Texans = 6th Seed
    Colts: A big let down with Lucas Oil just opening, Saturday is a huge loss.
    Titans: VY is benched by the time the Steelers arrive in December

    AFC West:
    Chargers = 2nd Seed
    Broncos: contend for playoffs but blow it late.
    Raiders: much improved in the 2nd half of the year
    Chiefs: a year of rebuilding

    Wild Cards: Jets, Texans

    AFCC: Steelers @ Patriots = time for revenge on their turf!

    NFC East
    Cowboys = 1st Seed
    Giants: injuries cripple the defending Super Bowl champs
    Eagles: DMac signs with Chicago in offseason after disappointing year in Philly
    Redskins: Is Billy in DC next year?

    NFC North
    Packers = 2nd Seed
    Vikings = 5th Seed
    Lions: better than people give them credit for, Rogers is addition by subtraction
    Bears: no quaterback, not many wins!

    NFC South
    Saints = 3rd Seed
    Buccaneeers: no team has ever repeated in the NFC South and it won't happen this year
    Panthers: John Fox is fired at the end of the year.
    Falcons: maybe the worst team in the league, will be lucky to win 4 games.

    NFC West
    Cardinals = 4th Seed
    Seahawks = 6th Seed
    49ers: Nolan is fired by week 12
    Rams: this team may be headed back to LA.

    Wild Cards: Vikings, Seahawks
    NFC Championship: Green Bay @ Dallas = Aaron Rodgers leads his team to the Super Bowl!

    Steelers VS. Packers - Super Bowl XLIII
    MVP: Ben Roethlisberger

    Now that sounds like a good year!

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