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Thread: 8 Players Added to Practice Squad

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    Re: 8 Players Added to Practice Squad

    Quote Originally Posted by RuthlessBurgher
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    I'm surprised that they took all guys who were in camp with us. Usually, they throw us a curveball or two from other teams. Glad they got Roy Lewis (surprised he didn't make the final roster). I also would have like to have seen Travis Williams on the PS too. Rucker may be an interesting prospect in the future with some seasoning. What happened to McBean? Was he so bad that he is not even PS-worthy, or did another team snatch him up?
    And here some people said McBean was going to grow and become a good player for us...interesting.
    Guilty as charged...I had McBean in all my pre-draft mocks that year and was quite excited when we drafted him. Thought he could be a prototype 3-4 DE. D'Oh!
    We're all wrong sometimes and it really doesn't matter. The issue is that we DESPERATELY need DL/OL and I dont think our current FO can get them for us.

    Lets just hope though. NO INJURIES!!!

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    Re: 8 Players Added to Practice Squad

    Quote Originally Posted by Les 74
    Just out of curiousity,does anyone know if Dre Moore was picked up??
    Per the PFT list of practice squads, he is on the Bucs practice squad.


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