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Thread: Metal Masters Show Last Night!!!

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    Metal Masters Show Last Night!!!

    At the Glen Hellen Pavillion.

    In order of appearance:

    1. Testament- Sounded just like on the New Order cd I had in highschool, when they played Over the Wall I had the sudden urge to start a mosh pit amidst the loge section. (I refrained ).

    2. Motorhead- Lemmy's vocals were as brutal as ever, these guys also had a pit going back in the lawn section, if I wasn't 34 and need to stay injury free to earn a living maybe would have charged the pit...

    3. Heaven and Hell- To be honest I have always been more of an Ozzey fan, but holy sheite, these guys sounded like a studio recording, as their set played out I recalled many of those songs, especially Heaven and Hell. Unbelievable.

    4. Judas Priest- These guys stold the f-ing show, Halpert's vocals haven't changed, ( I'm not even going guess at how his vocal chords have bee preserved )
    these fukkers put on a phenomenal show. They played songs from British Steel, Painkiller, and Defenders of the Faith, my only let down was that they did not play anything from Stained Class.

    I have been a punk and hardcore fan for 20 years but before that as a young kid my older step brother got me started listening to these bands among others . It was a night to remember.

    Another AS masterpiece.

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    Re: Metal Masters Show Last Night!!!

    I was there at the Pittsburgh show a few weeks back and none of the bands disappointed there either. Had to make the three hour trip each way the same day, but well worth it!
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