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NKy, you need to understand Tressel's logic in all this. It's what I call the "Tressel Way".
I hear 'ya bh... I just like to tease Shawn about them. I've been doing it from the very beginning, and we have alot of fun with it. It just makes it a bit more "interesting"...

...Not to mention that USC is just a better football team with alot more depth....

Seriously though, I respect the "not running up the score" bit... Even though I am a USC fan, I've never liked watching teams do that. Really, I don't... Yesterdays' game against Virginia was somewhat out of character for USC... Usually (in the past 2-3 years) the games are extremely close in the first half, before they pull away in the second. Yesterday was just all USC from the beginning.

It will be very interesting in two weeks, and quite possibly one of the best games of the college season...

...Sorry you'll miss the post-game show due to crying and a broken heart... Better get another box of tissues ahead of time....
You're doing a lot of this, mister

At least the stew won't scorch the bottom of the pot.

Whether I miss the post game or not, I probably won't give a damn. I'm going on a winery tour up in Ashtabula County that day, then camping out in the host's back yard that night. Let's just say that I probably won't be feeling any pain either way. (only with wine)

There'll probably have a set on and we'll be watching the Bucks plumb the vaunted USC depth with some of their own.

I'll agree that it'll be the game of the season, or at least the game of the season for both teams.

USC is #1 at this point (which means nothing for anybody), but I'm sure they will have the target on their back where the Buckeyes are concerned anyway.

We'll see. tOSU will be ready for the USC onslaught.