So I live right in the center of the circle of hell, got Stains up north, Bungholes down south. Fortunately for me yesterday, that meant I had three football games on the 3 local networks yesterday (Bungles, Stains and Jags/Skins National game)!!

I was peeping out Cleveland since my dad was in town (he a stain, i made him sleep on the basement floor) and they were interesting. They pretty much had all backups at skill positions on offense since they are all injured, but the Bears played all their starters for quite a while on defense. The Browns line is just nuts. Jerome Harrison and the Wright dude were rumbling over the Bears starters, the Bears look like they may suck this year. I still think our D will be able to handle that line, but they are good.

Another thing I was thinking about still (I mentioned this 3 months ago I think), why the hell wouldn't the Browns sign Ty Law. He HAS to be better than what they are rolling out their in their secondary, they looked pathetic on a couple plays last night.